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Care Bear

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Could I be any more happy? I don't think so, but if I could... wow that would be a WHOLE lot of happy! It's true, it really would be.

Just wanted you all to know.

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He's... he's... but... It's not fair! It's not fair at all! How could... I just don't get it! Why? He was only 15! Who would want to hurt a 15 year old boy?! It doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't.


I miss you so much An!

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Oh my goodness! I just got back from the most exciting cruise ever! We went to Austrailia and had so much fun!

Did you know that the Merpeople have dug out this amazingly intricate cavern under the island?! It's simply brilliant! I didn't want to leave. I even have a notebook filled up from the creatures I saw.

The most amusing was, no doubt, the Billywigs. There was this huge swarm of them and when they were gone, Evan was acting really funny. Turned out that he had been stung on the back side and was feeling the effects such as hallecinations and an odd craving for honeytarts. He was seeing gnomes wverywhere and wanted to see if they had honey centres! What a little nutter.

I had a lot of fun but, of course, it would have been better if Mark could have come along. Daddy is still upset with him and we haven't seen him since Christmas. I miss him so.

Anyway, I need to unpack! Let me know of your adventures thus far and maybe I can have a party or something, and we can all get together! Doesn't that just sound so lovely!

ooc: Carrie doesn't know about Anthony yet and *wibbles* She is the only huffie left! So I'm kicking my butt so that they place wont end up going all dark! We need huffie light!... *cough* end ooc.
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IT's my birthday!!!!

I am sooo 15 right now! This very instant!

Just thought you would all like to know :)

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Carolyn sat on her four-poster completely bored. Butterscotch had gone swooning after Peaches again and her dorm mates all seemed to be off elsewhere as well. Her weight was resting mostly on her hands behind her as she sat, swinging her feet off the edge of the bed, as she tried to make a list of possible things she could tackle on this rather low weekend. Since when were weekends boring?! It was then that she remembered her little chatty with Sirius and a huge smile erupted on her features.

The hufflepuff sprung up and swatted under her bed for some ink and parchment, scribbling a little note to the gyrffindor boy. Perhaps this would be the answer to her dull. A little excitement to make it a weekend like none-other. Carrie was going to be a daredevil!

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Sitting at the Hufflepuff table for breakfast the girl looked down at her boring pancakes and then dug into her bag extracting a little case with a huge smile. Inside were a bunch of little cookie cutter shapes which would both A) make her food look almost too good to eat and B) take her mind off of her guilt. Taking a gingerbread man shaped cutter she pressed it firmly into her pancake and then smothered it with brown sugar and syrup. She giggled loudly as she cut off its little leg and stuck it in her mouth. Carolyn loved breakfast; especially if it could be made fun.
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April Showers bring May Flowers!!!!!!!

It's raining in case you didn't notice. I like the rain especially spring showers when it is still nice and sunny and the rain is nice and cool and... WHOOT!

Who wants to go dancing in the rain with me? We can make a HUGE party of it! Oh! Everyone do come out and enjoy this beautiful weather. Just don't wear anything that you wouldn't want to get dirty... I can make no promises but I am quite sure that there will be some mud. But nice mud! Mud that wont steal your shoes and make you hop around on one foot until you lose your sock! heehee... no this is not personal experience. Heh.


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I need something to do unjumble my poor brain; it hurts with confuselment.

Anyone free to do something with me?

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